Upon registration, please fill in the required information and deposit a deposit to reserve your seat. The amount of deposit varies according to the tour you choose, the remaining amount will be paid before departure according to the rules of each tour. The payment is considered completed when Foodtour receives the full amount before the scheduled departure date or under contractual agreement between the two parties. Any delay in payment of your booking will result in cancellation of your tour, which is not the responsibility of Foodtour and is applied as cancellation policy.

The cancellation policy is applied in accordance with the provisions of each tour. In case you pay online or transfer, Foodtour will transfer money back to the correct account information that you used to pay after deducting the cost of tour cancellation. Guests will be subject to full bank transfer fee for the cancellation and payment of tour bookings. Refunds will be made by Foodtour immediately after the bank announces the money has been entered into Foodtour account.

For cancellations only: subject to conditions and cancellation charges applicable to airlines.